We can assist those who are struggling with debt. Some situations are best addressed by negotiating with creditors, but in situations where this is not possible, bankruptcy is oftentimes the best way to escape overwhelming financial obligations. Many individuals and businesses qualify for protection in the form of an automatic stay (or freeze) of debt collection cases in court.  This happens by seeking bankruptcy protection.  While filing for bankruptcy is a last resort, it is an invaluable option to consider if you have lost your financial footing. We offer bankruptcy services to both individuals and businesses in need of a fresh financial start.  Please contact us for a free consultation to learn more about the bankruptcy process.

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    Matthew S. Feinman, Esq.

    Matthew Feinman is an experienced civil litigator in state and federal court throughout Western Pennsylvania. On the Plaintiff side, he has won six-figure awards for his clients, as well as repossession of property, and collection of debt.  As Counsel for his Defendants, he has successfully defended against a variety of cases seeking possession of property or monetary damages, including defending against multi-million dollar suits. 

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