Free Consultation

We are always happy to steer clients for free toward the lawyer they need, whether that lawyer is located within our firm or otherwise.  This is the initial discussion (or “consultation”) either by phone or email.  For injury cases or construction or other cases we handle on a contingency basis, we’ll do a free in depth review of the case. For those cases, there is never a fee unless we get a recovery.

Otherwise, if the matter is something that lawyers typically handle on an hourly fee basis (such as defending debt collection, non-compete litigation, immigration, corporate law, business disputes, etc.), we answer a question or two of yours for free, but there is a reasonable flat fee for a more indepth consultation, when needed.   

We want to give each matter the attention it deserves.  For example, some matters require extensive attention, such as:  our review of the parties’ dealings over time to see whether a contract exists (in the absence of a written agreement), or an immigration status matter, or corporate reorganization decision, or a transfer of property, etc., to name a few.  For those, we would charge a reasonable flat fee to (1) review all of the dealings in your case and (2) apply decades of experience to give you the best guidance about how best to go forward, in terms of whether to litigate.  Call or email us today to learn more.