Are you an experienced Attorney that prefers to work in a self-directed and autonomous environment?  Do you do your own work without the need for extensive support staff?  Want the ability to work with other experienced Attorneys in different practice areas to serve clients?  Willing to share in the management and responsibilities associated with a law firm that functions more like a cooperative than a corporation?

If so, we should definitely talk.

Elliott & Davis is looking to expand by an experienced intellectual property law Attorney with deep experience in trademarks, software and intellectual property licensing, and copyright law.  Must have at least five years of experience. 

We have great clients and great Attorneys.  We need to grow to serve more clients and develop capabilities in more diverse practice areas.

Elliott & Davis is a firm where everyone is paid under the same model that is wildly divergent from the typical Partner/Associate, hierarchical law firm.  At our firm, everyone gets their fair share for both developing business and delivering services.  Everyone gets a voice in how to utilize firm resources.  We reject the cycle where associates toil away for the benefit of partners in hopes of becoming a partner someday that can benefit from the toils of other associates.  Our firm’s organizational structure is flat and all Attorneys are experts in their respective practice areas.

It is our belief that our model results in happier lawyers and happier clients.

Our marketing and client management is state-of-the art and inspires confidence.  We overcome the high cost of client acquisition by holding onto clients rather than fighting to constantly find new ones.  We can accomplish this because we can meet most, if not all, of a client’s legal needs.  -We help them to form a business, hire employees from another country, purchase a home, administer an estate, defend them in scrapes with the law, litigate, acquire another business, seek recovery for a personal injury loss, get divorced, draft contracts, etc.  All client legal needs are met by an Attorney with expertise in the requisite area of the law.

We utilize technology to make it easy for Attorneys to work from home a few days a week and spend more time with their family.  We have a kid friendly work environment and a collegial atmosphere.  Our work space is welcoming with lots of natural light, camaraderie, good coffee, etc.

Our Attorneys understand that customer relationships are much healthier when an Attorney is not forced to meet minimum yearly billing requirements and are eager to “cross sell” necessary legal services to our clients.  We collaborate to effectively meet diverse client legal needs.  We generously reward Attorneys who can develop business for other Attorneys in our group.

Our model is great for experienced and self-directed Attorneys with an existing client base.  Our model is terrible for Attorneys that need mentorship, guidance and management.

We ask you to forward this post on to anyone you think might be interested.



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