Jeffrey Gitchel, Esq.

For more than two decades, Jeffrey Gitchel has provided strategic and legal advice to companies and non-profit organizations of all sizes, from start ups to sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 companies. 

Client’s appreciate Jeff’s collaborative approach and practical, actionable advice. Because he has experience handling a wide range of business, compliance, and litigation matters, Jeff is more than just an attorney – he is a true legal counselor who listens and understands client needs and goals, finding paths to success whenever there are paths to be found. His ability to balance the imperatives of business against legal requirements and limitations means that he can serve as an outside General Counsel or provide tailored, focused advice. Clients trust Jeff and rely on his guidance to operate effectively and sustainably, to protect their interests, and to optimize outcomes. 

Jeff has helped companies in their operations and in managing their risks. He has been involved at all levels in the negotiation and drafting of wide variety of standard and complex commercial contracts, including sales and purchase agreements, nondisclosure agreements, and mergers and acquisitions, not to mention trademark and copyright licenses and sponsorship and endorsement agreements. He has provided leadership in the building of compliance programs to manage risk and the management of employee and company policies, including critical areas like fairness and respect at work, addressing discrimination and harassment and advising regarding appropriate behavior. 

Intellectual property, especially trademark and copyright law, is a special interest for Jeff. He has helped companies protect their creative works and important brands, both by obtaining registrations, in the U.S. and around the world, and by combating infringement. He has also defended against unfounded infringement allegations and negotiated trademark coexistence agreements that protected client rights. Jeff’s knowledge of intellectual property law is another area where his understanding extends beyond purely legal considerations. He has been “in the room” developing a new brand, reviewing annual marketing plans, and ensuring that advertising campaigns complied with legal obligations.

Jeff also has extensive experience when it comes to disputes. He has been lead counsel or an active team member in numerous litigations and arbitrations, pioneering law on the internet, leading online policing programs, and successfully litigating claims concerning such topics as breach of contract, regulatory violations by a telecommunications company, and intellectual property. More importantly, he knows how to settle cases, saving clients from the expense, risk, and disruption of litigation.


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